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Congressmen Hope to Restore Gun Rights to Medical Cannabis Patients

Last month Rep. Alex Mooney of West Virginia filed a bill in Congress which, if passed, would allow medical cannabis patients to own firearms legally. It would be a big step forward for patients in the medical cannabis community, as current federal law disqualifies patients if they’re  “an unlawful user of or addicted to any […]

Marijuana Doctor to Open New Offices in Joint Venture with World Class Physicians Jenny Wilkins and Dr. G

Medical cannabis patients in Florida have been a party to several exciting changes in state law recently, as the current climate grows increasingly more accepting of this revolutionary form of treatment. From new legislation to allow for smokeable medical marijuana to recent talk of the possibility of health insurance for patients, it’s been a whirlwind […]

How Medical Marijuana May Benefit Senior Citizens and Older Americans in Florida

According to a survey by the Washington Post, as reported by the D.C.-based National Council for Aging Care, when asked about the benefits of medical cannabis, 90 percent of respondents reported positive results, with more than 2,300 of those being senior citizens. With a total of 7500 people questioned, seniors made up the largest group […]

Marijuana Doctor Physicians Expand List of Qualifying Conditions

It’s been almost two years since Florida passed Constitutional Amendment 2, allowing patients with certain debilitating diseases and other ailments the right to seek treatment with medical cannabis (with a physician’s recommendation, of course). And in that time, hundreds of thousands of people have found relief under the law — 136,000 new patients signed up […]