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With the opening of our Hollywood Marijuana Doctor clinic, residents of all surrounding areas now have access to the highest quality medical marijuana evaluation clinic in Florida. If you live in Hollywood, or the surrounding areas, and would like to learn more about how treatment with medical marijuana might benefit you, please give us a call!


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They have the patient's wellbeing as their priority. Very professional and very friendly staff. I appreciate the time to explain everything. Please thank you.
Anny Rodriguez
18:38 02 Oct 17
Wow what can I say! The staff from top to bottom are excellent; they went out of their way multiple times to make sure the medical recommendation was working to treat my condition. Highly recommended--> Very fair and transparent pricing model. Thanks
Dan D
12:51 20 Jun 17
Great Doctor, and very attentive staff. They're very informative with the information. All paper work and wait time fast. Totally recommended..
Michelle Moreno
16:44 18 Jul 17
Office is very clean and neat. Office Assistant Laura was quick, organized, and very professional. The Dr. Was also very professional and informative. I recommend all patients to come here!
Veronica Beckham
16:06 21 Jun 17
This is truly a professional office, the Secretary was very polite and the Dr thoroughly explained how the treatment should work for my particular case. Overall I highly recommend this place.
Oscar Gutierrez
05:25 06 Jul 17
Amazing experience! The doctor is very knowledgeable. Laura at the front desk is amazing & makes the process very easy.The atmosphere is also very inviting.
Danielle Turner
15:28 09 Oct 17
This place is conveniently located close to home and has a staff that is willing to answer all questions. The wait was a little long but it was worth the wait.
Kalyn James
19:54 16 Oct 17
Very profeasional extremly glad I choose them... They are the best....
Berlinda D
15:27 30 Oct 17
Great visit! Laura was very attentive. Everything went very smooth. Dr. Answered all my questions
Jenry Leon
20:42 30 Oct 17
the assistant was very friendly and helpful, and she made the paperwork process less painful with her experience. above and beyond customer service! the doctor made me feel comfortable during my examination and asked me the right questions related to my pain/condition and he was genuinely interested in my course of treatment and in my overall health improvement. bless you and thank you
Dimitris Tsichlas
20:36 13 Dec 17
Absolutely top notch facility. I really recommend their services . Great prices, and a wonderful staff. The Dr is very thorough, and can help you with any questions you may have. Im grateful to have found them.
19:14 12 Feb 18
Great friendly service & they really make you feel comfortable with every aspect of your consultation!
17:50 27 Feb 18
AMAZING DOCTOR AND STAFF!I've been dealing with horrible doctors and staff and Marijuana doctor is by far the best!Elda was very helpful and called me back instantly! that never happens. She was so polite and took immediate action to put me in the registry. I cannot stress it enough that this is the best company for medical mmj!
Michael Stone
17:17 28 Feb 18
What a great doctor and staff. The appointment scheduling is a breeze. I filled out the forms online. I didn't even wait 10 minutes and the doctor called for me. The ladies are so welcoming. They helped me with the entire process. The doctor answered everything I was thinking. He made me feel completely comfortable. I am glad I found this location. There's so many other doctors out there but this is exactly what I was hoping for.
Victoria Moore
02:34 07 Mar 18
After watching my mom struggle with acute arthritis pain I decided to tell her that I would take her to the Marijuana Doctor. She was very hesitant because she believed she would be 'high' if she had the medication but she trusted me and decided to go. We were attended by Yuniel Martinez, handsome and professional young man. He explained how to use and take an over-the-counter medication sold in house and to this day it has worked miracles on my mother. For her pain she would take approximately 3-4 Tramadol, she is now down to 2 a day and we are anxious to see how the prescribed medication will eliminate the Tramadol altogether. I am very happy and grateful. Thank you Marijuana Doctor!! Highly recommended.
Vanessa Ronda
18:49 23 Mar 18
Dr. Remos was extremely nice, compassionate, friendly, and knowledgeable. He answers all of my questions and chose the plan that was right for me. I had a great experience and I recommend the marijuana doctor strongly!!!
Some Guy
15:00 24 Mar 18
I would love to let everyone one know that my visit here at the Miami marijuana Dr . Office in Miami was amazing the staff Were super friendly.The girl at the front desk super sweet girl. I recommend this place 1000%
Sandra Bitch
16:51 03 Apr 18
The office is professional and the Dr is very compassionate. I was very satisfied with my visit and I recommend this office to anyone seeking an alternative medicine that is natural.
Cheese Heaven Russell
23:46 04 Apr 18
Was an awesome experience and thorough exam.... would recommend Dr. Remos. He was very kind and understanding!
susie minor
17:22 09 Apr 18
I have been harassed via email, text and unsolicited phone calls by this company. I have been a patient of this program from the beginning and have a doctor I have been happy with from the beginning. Somehow Marijuana Doctors got my information. I have been spam emailed, texted and telemarketed endlessly by their staff here in Tampa and Miami. I have told them to stop and leave me alone numerous times.They have quoted multiple pricing programs that ranged from yearly, to bi- yearly to monthly. They will say anything. They lied to me telling me my Dr. had stopped practicing and sent me documents pretending to be the State of Florida so I would send them my medical records! Do not let these people get your information because you will never stop being solicited by them. I want you to know I have made a formal complaint with Florida's Medical Marijuana Office!
Jenny Stewart
17:18 11 Apr 18
Was seen to very promptly and treated with kindness, respect and without judgment. Will definitely be recommending to anyone else I know that could benefit!
AJ Sacher
18:20 21 Apr 18
I came into the office feeling like this place has to be a joke. But I really loved the education they gave me, everyone makes you feel comfortable and take you seriously. I really like the fact that they take their time with you and explain any questions you have. I would truly recommend you to come here. This place is exactly what you need if you are a new patient.
Madeline Laborde
19:16 21 Apr 18
Awesome experience Dr Remos and his staff were outstanding and professional Highly recommended they took care of me with all my questions Best Place To Go !!
Carlos Rivera
17:47 23 Apr 18
They are awesome. Super friendly. Super knowledgeable. I recommend them to anyone!
Andres Martinez
15:53 15 May 18
It was a wonderful professional visit! Dr. Romos gave the best information to you possible. They were great in what to expect and to help you know what to help with chronic pain. I recommend this place for a new patient. I had a great experience!
Robbie Davis
17:29 26 May 18
I have received a very comprehensive service. The doctor explained everything in detail and answered all my question satisfactorily. I am very pleased with this place and their customer service. I recommend it.
Albert Bernal
16:03 26 May 18
This place was awesome! Great service. Dr pino was great ! And laura was very friendly and helpful. 5 stars would recommend!
Carlos Bernal
16:19 26 May 18
First, the staff is incredibly kind, friendly and prompt. Second, the facility is spotlessly clean and well appointed. In fact, much cleaner than hospitals I have had surgery in. Finally, Dr. Hannum is a compassionate and knowledgable doctor who made me feel valued. I was treated with dignity and kindness. I highly recommend them to anyone who has not been able to find help for many debilitating conditions. Thank you!
Susanne Wilde
17:15 06 Jun 18
Great experience. Very knowledgeable and they take the time to explain everything. Dr. Ramos is great and the staff are terrific.
Allison Day
20:45 07 Jun 18
Having this organization referred to me by a physician friend and myself having no desire to delve into the prescribing of medical Marijuana I have referred 5 patients to this group. 3 in Miami and 2 in Tampa area. I am not pleased with their response to me on their experience. Concerns over records privacy, a patient that needed to get a lawyer to remove herself from their services after she asked to be able to see another doctor and comments about pricing changing from a base price to a monthly fee they were pressured to join subscribe to. I will not be referring patients to this organization again.
Patel MD
19:05 22 Jun 18
Once we have you registered we dont answere the phone or return calls should be the slogan for this place. Voicemails are always full at this place. Plus the dispensary Trulieve is always out of what I want. Truflower. Im very disappointed at the dispensaries in Miami cause we only have one🖓
Kevin Martin
19:36 31 Aug 18
The staff is so friendly and helpful Ryan worked out some issues I had and is making it possible for me to see the doctor. I would highly recommend coming to this facility because they really care about helping others!
Billie Jo Romero
18:10 27 Sep 18
Very knowledge and welly support staff
Jared Fenn
21:41 05 Dec 18