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Marijuana Doctor is now at the Point Lumineux for contemporary holistic wellness. Point Lumineux foundation is built on providing the best natural healthcare to promote optimal body functioning in its purest state.

Dr. Sera, the founder of Point Lumineux and Doctor of Oriental medicine, has created a team of skillful practitioners who offer specific techniques that work to increase the light flow in your body.  Modern science has proven that light called biophotons flow through the body and form the basis for all cell communication and function.  Illness, injury, poor diet, inflammation and stress all adversely affect the flow of biophotons.

We are available to help you achieve your physical, mental and spiritual goals and are committed to providing you with the exceptional holistic and natural care you expect. Point Lumineux and Marijuana Doctor will now help more patients find the relief they have been looking for.

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Marijuana Doctor and Point Lumineux are located in the heart of South Sarasota.


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2206 Jo An Drive. Sarasota, FL 34231

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