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With each day that passes, marijuana is becoming more and more accepted by the general public. Cannabis use will continue to become more popular, as more patients realize its healing effects. Numerous methods of use have been developed as the drug has gained popularity. This leads us to one of the most mysterious methods… tinctures. If you’re new to the world of medical marijuana, you’ve probably never heard of it. So, what is a tincture, exactly?

Tincture: A Concentrate

In order to understand what a tincture is, we must first understand what a concentrate is, since a tincture is a form of concentrate.

There are many different types of concentrates available on the market today. Concentrates are obtained through an extraction process. Solvents are a vital component to this process. The two most common solvents are butane and co2. These solvents strip the plant compounds, which results in a product that contains a heavy ‘concentrate’ of cannabinoids. As you probably know by now, the most popular cannabinoids are THC and CBD.

How to Use a Tincture

Tinctures were a common form of medical treatment in the early 1900’s. It was a medicine made by dissolving a drug in alcohol. Today, not much has changed…

A tincture is a liquid form of cannabinoids that you take orally. It differs from edibles and cannabis-infused beverages in the fact that it does not have to enter your digestive tract. All you have to do is place a few drops under your tongue. Your body will immediately absorb the tincture. You will feel the effects in approximately 15-45 minutes. The effects will last longer than if you had smoked or vaped, but not quite as long as the effects from a butter or oil-based edible.

Who Should Use a Tincture?

Patients in need of quick relief may choose to use a tincture. This form of medical marijuana is extremely easy to access as marijuana concentrates are readily available. Tinctures are also a great option for patients who do not want to inhale marijuana through smoke or vapor. This method of use is also a better option for patients suffering from nausea, due to the fact that you don’t have to eat it. 


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There are two primary forms of Cannabis: Flower and Concentrates. In this article, we are going to address the pros and cons of each of these forms of cannabis in order to help you better understand the differences between the two.

CBD and THC: Understanding the Options


The cannabis flower contains approximately 480 natural components, making it extremely rich in natural medicine and nutrients. Because the flower is unprocessed, the patient will reap the benefits of every one of these components. Israeli researcher, Raphael Mechoulam and his colleagues, have said that when all of these components work together the therapeutic effect is significantly greater than if one was to be isolated.

The flower form of medical marijuana is less expensive, making it more accessible to patients in need. With that being said, the cannabis flower can require the use of expensive equipment (vaporization equipment). Another potential downside is that it takes more time to prep and process in order to make it edible. The flower does not have as long of a shelf life as concentrates do, either. Probably the biggest negative to the flower form of medical marijuana is that it’s harder to get high doses of CBD. Patients with certain symptoms may need something stronger.


Concentrates come from the processed cannabis flower. They are condensed extracts of the essential oils in the cannabis plant. These concentrates are much more potent than the flower, making them a great choice for people in need of more intensive therapy. They are often thought of as purer to inhale and don’t require expensive equipment. Concentrates are much easier to add into drinks or food, as well.

One of the downsides is the fact that cannabis concentrates are more expensive, often making it difficult to find affordable, high quality product. 

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 Due to the processing routine, concentrates can sometimes lose a portion of the beneficial compounds that the whole flower has to offer. They can also contain more impurities which can cause problems for patients with compromised immune systems.

Full-extract cannabis concentrate is the most popular choice for patients as it not only contains both THC and CBD but also beneficial terpenes. These terpenes enhance the medicinal, therapeutic effects.

Choosing which form is right for you

In summary, medical marijuana in flower form can offer relief to a wide range of patients. Because the flower is unprocessed, you take in the benefits of all components (THC, CBD, etc…) It’s a popular choice for those suffering from chronic pain, PTSD, depression, anxiety and more.

Cannabis concentrate has the potential to isolate a certain component, making it an excellent choice for medicinal use. Being able to isolate CBD allows the patient to reap all of the healing benefits without experiencing the high. Likewise, you can choose to get a higher dose of THC, as well. Some patients prefer to ingest their medication instead of inhaling it, which is why they’ll choose a concentrate.


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