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Smoking and vaping are the two basic inhalation methods for using marijuana. Both of these methods are popular, however they differ slightly in terms of health, discretion, convenience, flavor, and potency. Learn more about each and you’ll be able to choose which one is right for you.

5 Factors


Health is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to smoking and vaping. We all love marijuana for its awesome health benefits, but is one method safer than the other? Smoking marijuana may leave tar and carcinogens in your lungs. Vaping releases the essential oils, and allows you to enjoy cannabis’ cannabinoids and terpenes without these negative factors, because it is heated below the combustion point. Smoking should be avoided for those suffering from lung issues, or with compromised immune systems.

It must be noted that some vaporizers (mostly made in China) have been found to contain harmful chemicals, glue, and metals that when heated can be inhaled along with marijuana. Most are safe, but if you want to be extra cautious, consider using a vaporizer with a ceramic or titanium heating element.


When it comes to using marijuana discreetly, vaporizers win again. They produce a soft-smelling, quickly dissipating cloud. Better yet, because there is little to no odor, no one will know what you’re smoking.

Although vaping is permitted in more places than smoking is these days, you should still be courteous to the people around you. There may be parents of children, or people with compromised immune systems around that don’t want to inhale your vapor. While you should absolutely have the right to use your medicinal marijuana when you need it, common courtesy should not be thrown out the window.  


You may think that vaping is also more convenient, but most marijuana users would actually disagree. Although rolling a joint is slightly time consuming, you must remember that vaporizers have to be charged, loaded and cleaned regularly. Smoking, on the other hand, is a quick and reliable method of use.


Heat is a big factor when it comes to the flavor of your marijuana. On one hand, vaping is a good option for maintaining flavor because you can adjust the temperature. If you overheat cannabis, it can destroy some of the beneficial cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes. While smoking presents a greater chance of overheating, it typically provides a much richer flavor. Depending on the quality of your vaping pen, your cannabis may taste weak. If you’re using flower, smoking is the way to go. If you choose to vape, use a concentrate instead of flower as the flavor will be much more consistent and apparent.


When it comes down to it, smoking yields stronger effects. Smoking marijuana in general offers strong effects, with a very rapid onset. Again, the potency while vaping largely depends on the quality of your pen and whether you’re using flower or concentrate.

Which is Right for You?

It’s largely a matter of preference. If you are more health conscious, and looking for a cleaner way to consume, you may consider vaping. If you don’t mind the stronger smells or effect, or are looking for a less complicated and time-consuming method, you may enjoy smoking. Regardless of which method you choose, smoking and vaping are both relatively safe, effective methods for the using marijuana.

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As the marijuana industry continues to grow, a wider range of people are getting more comfortable with the idea of cannabis being used as a medical treatment. Now more than ever, adults all over the country are educating themselves about the different strains, medical benefits and methods of use. The most common method in the United States, is smoking marijuana. Now that smoking medical marijuana is legal in the state of Florida, there are a few things you should know. The most popular question is, “Which is safest: a joint, blunt, or spliff?”

Differences Between a Joint, Blunt, and Spliff

The type of roll is determined by the paper that is used and the contents found inside.

Joint: This is the most popular form of roll in the United States. Joints use somewhat transparent, lightweight paper. The contents of a joint are purely cannabis. Joints also include a paper filter called a crutch that adds to stability and keeps you from burning your fingertips.

Blunt: A blunt is the second most popular type of roll in this country. It’s similar to a joint in the fact that the contents are purely cannabis. The difference is in the paper. A blunt is rolled in tobacco paper, which is usually brown and more dense than joint paper. People may choose to smoke a blunt if they want the added buzz from the tobacco, as this is the heaviest hitter of the 3 types.

Spliff: A spliff is the least common here, however it is more popular over in Europe. Unlike joints and blunts, the contents of a spliff is a mixture of cannabis and tobacco. Spliffs use regular joint paper and also contain a crutch. This form of roll usually produces a head rush, much like caffeine, before the cannabis takes effect. Across the Pond, the terms are reversed. A joint is the roll that contains cannabis and tobacco while a spliff is purely cannabis.

Which is the Best for Consumption of Medical Marijuana?

Tobacco causes medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, heart attack, COPD, etc… With that being said, the answer is quite obvious. Joints, which are purely cannabis, are the safest and most effective form for smoking medical marijuana. If you’re in Europe, you would want to choose a spliff. 

Aside from dry mouth, cannabis produces no serious side effects. Instead of contributing to the development of conditions like cancer and heart & lung disease, medical marijuana actually treats these illnesses.

There are several other methods you can use if you don’t want to smoke. You can vape marijuana, consume it orally through food and drink, or even find a topical application for treatment of aches and pains.


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