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Do you have trouble falling and/or staying asleep? Are you currently taking prescription sleeping pills? If so, you’re probably aware that many prescription sleeping pills produce side effects such as dizziness, headache, gastrointestinal problems, memory & performance issues and even severe allergic reactions. Cannabis, on the other hand, is known as nature’s sleep aid. This natural medicine can help you fall asleep and even stay asleep longer, without many of these gnarly side effects.

Which Strain of Cannabis is the Best Sleep Aid?

As you may know, every strain will affect you differently. Higher THC strains, like Sativa, are known for their uplifting, energizing effects. Indica contains less THC and more CBD, making it an excellent choice for a sleep aid. It’s been said that a hybrid strain with a more equal concentration of THC and CBD is best for inducing sleep.

Indica strains also contain more terpenes (aromatic compounds). Terpenes play a significant role in relaxation, thus inducing sleep.

How and When

You can choose to consume your cannabis in edibles or by smoking it. Keep in mind that when it comes to using cannabis as a sleep aid, you should try to time your intake correctly. When you eat an edible it can take longer to kick in. The effects will also last longer this way so be sure not to eat too much, too late. If you choose to smoke it, it will kick in much faster and the effects will wear off quicker. Consider smoking cannabis for sleep if you’re at home and ready for bed.

Other Ways to Relax

In addition to choosing your favorite strain, you can also accelerate the effects by using natural remedies, as well. Try drinking some chamomile tea and/or taking a lavender bubble bath. By reducing stress and promoting relaxation, you will be able to fall asleep easier.

Are There Any Side Effects?

REM sleep (dream state) is also known as your deep sleep period. Cannabis can decrease REM sleep. While this may seem detrimental to what you would typically want, it’s extremely helpful to patients that suffer from anxiety and nightmares.

Although rare, it is possible that you develop REM rebound if you abruptly stop use after using for a long period of time. This can actually end up causing you to have more vivid dreams. You may also find yourself tossing & turning, taking longer to fall asleep and waking up more frequently throughout the night.

Everyone is different. It’s difficult to know how you’ll react until you try it. The bottom line is, you can still get quality sleep, with a limited amount of REM.


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The benefits of medical marijuana have been recognized and studied for decades. It has taken some time for the policies to catch up, but now a majority of states (plus the District of Columbia) have some form of medical or recreational marijuana available to their citizens. One of the most promising areas of treatment is for patients who suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is a qualifying condition for medical marijuana treatment in Florida, and patients suffering from prolonged lack of sleep can consider cannabis as an alternative to traditional sleep medication.

The Science Behind Marijuana and Insomnia

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Studies on the effects of marijuana and sleep have been minimal so far, but the few that have been conducted show promising results. One study, on marijuana use and appetite stimulus among cancer patients, had the unintended effect of demonstrating that patients using marijuana slept better than subjects who did not. Other studies have linked marijuana to reduced stress levels, and it is well documented that stress and anxiety are a leading cause of insomnia.

Replacing Sleep Medication With Marijuana

Marijuana’s benefits stand out strongest when compared to traditional sleep medications. The biggest benefit for the individual lies in the cessation of sleep medication. Sleeping pills, whether over the counter or prescription, can have negative side effects like daytime drowsiness, headaches, and even depression.

How to Use Medical Marijuana to Treat Insomnia

It’s important to consult with a doctor before switching medications. Not every type of marijuana medication is right for treating insomnia. When visiting medical marijuana dispensaries, afflicted patients should look for Indica strains (over Sativa). Indicas produce a mellowing effect perfect for helping people drift off to sleep.

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