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Medical Marijuana for OCD

There are several different types of OCD that a person can be diagnosed with, making it difficult to treat. Depending on the symptoms, different forms of treatment will be used. One of these potential treatments is medication. Unfortunately, most medications capable of treating symptoms of OCD come along with some pretty nasty side effects. For […]

Not All CBD Products Are Created Equal

On its own, CBD may quite possibly be one of the most beneficial substances out there. It’s no surprise that the ever-growing marijuana industry has began to capitalize on CBD. It’s important for you to understand, however, that not all CBD products are created equal. These days, you can find “CBD” products in gas stations, […]

US Government Finally Funding Cannabis Research

The US government is finally funding cannabis research! For decades, federally-funded medical marijuana research has been significantly lacking– to say the least. The fact that medical marijuana is still federally illegal, makes studying it extremely challenging. Up until now, research has primarily been focused on drug addiction studies. Clinical studies are a fundamental stepping stone […]

CBD for Autism

It is much easier to develop specialized medication when the cause of a disorder is known. Unfortunately, researchers are still not completely sure what causes Autism. For this reason, using CBD for Autism may be the best option to alleviate symptoms at the current time. What is Autism? Autism is diagnosed using comprehensive diagnostic evaluation […]